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The Panama hat is the best choice for every hat lover, but how to choose the perfect one for you?


I love Panama Hats - Perfect Hat for your face shape





If you have a square face shaped face, its length is almost equal to its width, wide cheekbones, strong jawline, wide forehead. You can try a hat with a curvy line like floppy hats.

We recommend the Floppy Panama Hat

with a 6,5 brim to 10 cms Brim size.





I love Panama Hats - Perfect Hat for your face shape






If you have a long face so choose features high forehead, narrow jaw line and long length. You can try a hat with a flared brim and low crown.

We recommend the Panama Hat Boater

and the Dumont.





I love Panama Hats - Perfect Hat for your face shape






If you have a round face shape, your face has a round chin, full cheek and round hairline. You can try a wide brim hat, high crown and slanted brim.

We recommend the Fedora 10 cms brim and the Teardrop 10 cms brim.





I love Panama Hats - Perfect Hat for your face shape






If you have a Diamond shaped face, your face is wide at the cheekbones with a narrow forehead and tapered chin. You can try a hat with a wide or standard brim, and a pinched crown.

We recommend the Fedora pinched crown with a 6 to 10 cms. brim.




I love Panama Hats - Perfect Hat for your face shape






If you have an oval face your face, your face have a sligthly narrowed forehead and chin and  broader cheeks. You can try hats with short crown and wide brim.

We reccommend the Panama Hat Boater with a 6 to 10 cms. brim and the Panama Hat Floppy with a 10 to 12 cms. brim.






  • Choose a hat color that contrast with your hair color, dark with blonde, ligth with brunette and compliments your complexion.

  • Straw Panama hats are the perfect choice for the summer months. straw hats provide ventilation and the removal of trapped heat.

  • The hair lenght is important a close-fitting cloche may look better with shorter hair while floppy wide-brimmed styles may be better suited to longer hair styles.

  • The tilt is how hats such as fedoras should be worn low over the eyebrows, whereas trilbys and shorter-brimmed hats look better when worn tilted back on the head. If your hat doesn’t look right, then play around with different angles.

  • Some hats come with embellishments but you can always add your own. Add a feather for a bohemian touch, or a bejewelled pin for something more eclectic.



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