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I love Panama Hats - Style and EleganceI LOVE PANAMA HATS is a manufacturer and exporter of handwoven Panama hats, locally known as the traditional Ecuadorian toquilla hat.

Since being showcased at a universal show in Paris in 1855, the Panama Hat has become Ecuador’s most famous handcraft.  At the turn of the century, the Panama hat, because of its prominence was worn by European aristocrats in order to convey their social standing in society.   

After some time away from the scene, Panama hats are now coming back with extraodinary strength and versatility.

We here at ILPH know the importance of tradition and  genuine authenticity and have made it our mandate from which we abide. We therefore, feel that it is important that our clients are aware that we manufacturer and distribute our product directly out of Guayaquil Ecuador.   

Visit our webpage www.ilovepanamahats.com to find the different crown styles, colours, quality levels and brim sizes we offer.   
Trends change and being a company that ships internationally, we know our clients are unique and need us to be versatile.  We would be happy to assist in any customization of brim and crown combinations.     

In addition we would also like to bring to your attention that if volume allows, we can provide blank hats for clients who may have their own ribbon, sweatband and/or brand tags.   

We look forward to working together and building a long lasting relationship based on authenticity and quality.     

Thank you

Paul Panesar & Cecilia Davila

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