Handwoven Panama hat

100% Toquilla straw
Montecristi, Cuenca and Brisa Weave

  • Any Crown Shape: Fedora, Teardrop, American, Boater, Pop, Dumont, Colonial, Foldable, Trilby, Cappeline.
  • Any Colour: Natural, Bleached, Pastels, Earth Tones, Customized Tones, Metallic tones, Pantone colours.
  • Sweatband 75% Cotton – 25% Poliester
  • Adjustable sweatband Optional.
  • Grosgrain Ribbon – Any colour

100% Ecuadorian
Handwoven, Blocked, finished in Ecuador

Sizes : S – M – L – XL View Sizing Chart

Wholesale and custom labels and tags for your Panama Hats.

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SMALL 56cms., MEDIUM 58cms., Large 60cms., XLarge 61cms., XXLarge 63cms.